Kipho in a nutshell

KIPHO HOME PRODUCTS, along with its sister company Laing International Business Solutions, has more than 20 years of Experience in the international market developing solutions in the aerospace and automotive areas. In the wake of COVID19, we began to expand the market for medical equipment and food globally

Why Kipho does what Kipho Does

At Kipho, we believe that with the Right People in the Right Places within any particular supply chain, is the difference between what makes a company good, or amazing. We pride ourselves in having the right relationships, in the right places – giving us an edge over the competition.

At Kipho, we go above and beyond to ensure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Medical Supplies

Our global procurement and supply chain will provide our clients with straight admission to the required medical supplies immediately from our global suppliers. We keep updating our products, so you can find what you are looking for.

International Reach

What are borders?

Kipho adheres to all international standards and forges relationships that allows your products to reach your destination everytime!

Industrial Scale

No Order Too Big

Kipho is capable of moving products at an industrial scale. With our infrastructure, you can rest assured that no order is too big.

Kipho Solutions

Superior Leadership

‘Efficiency’ is the byproduct of Effective Leadership able to adapt to market adjustments and deliver results despite challenges. 

Competitive Pricing

When you need it most

Kipho’s business relationships allows the company to get the most competitive prices for virtually any medical product you may need.

Get a quote

Speak directly with one of our representatives and discuss your options. Kipho has the ability to reach any destination on this planet.

Kipho Customs


Understanding that international standards and regulations are in constant flux, Kipho’s logistics model dynamically adjusts with the demands of governments and other regulatory powers.

We believe that by maintaining a strong open relationship with Customs Agents from around the world, we can provide greater trust for our clients knowing that their goods will arrive every time.

No matter the border, Kipho always finds a way to ensure that your products reach the destination.

The integration of our services will provide you with tools that will allow you to face the challenges that the international market demands, safely managing the risks associated with international trade.

With Kipho in your corner, you know that your goods get to the destination. We just recently had to ship a large quantity of medical supplies and once we had Kipho's team on it, we really didn't have to do too much. It was very pleasant.

Kipho Food Distribution

Kipho Food Distribution

From Farm to Table on a Global Scale

Kipho prides itself in the diversity of its services and believes that every industry can benefit from superior project management and logistics.

Find out how Kipho’s Global Food Distributions work and how you can take advantage of the efficiency of effective leadership.

The people at Kipho surely know what they are doing. They are always attentive and works to solve your problems as if they were dealing with their own products.


Kipho Home Products

Kipho Slowcooker

Patented technology that is perfect for any outdoors activities, including remote disaster relief efforts where access to heat sources are scarce.

Cutlery and Kitchen Tools

Custom built and highly durable, these tools are any outdoors person best friend. Don’t be caught without these.

Premium Coolers

Keep cooler for longer with Kipho’s patented technology.

Adventure Accessories

No matter where you go, Kipho can follow. Kipho is the perfect accessory for travelers, outdoors enthusiasts and anyone working in remote areas.

Discover the Power of the Kipho Slow Cooker

Discover how you can get your hands on Kipho Slow Cookers or find out how you can become a distributor.

Kipho Industrial

Kipho delivers Industrial Solutions to localized marketplaces, traversing international borders and facilitating your projects.

Additionally, we ensure safety via our Thermal Insulators which help keep your products hot or cold for longer periods of time. This also comes at a far lower price tag. 

With Kipho you, Avoid Problems Derived from Humidity, Ensure Durability without losing efficiency, Insulation without compromising space, No Heat Exchange, and No Limit on Size.



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Kipho Incubation Business

Kipho Business Incubation

The leadership at Kipho has several decades of experience within the Mexican Marketplace and know first hand the legal and technical requirements to open up a business within the country.

Mexico is a highly strategic marketplace as it sits as a bridge between North and South America, has a highly skilled & cost-efficient labor force. 

For companies considering opening up corporate offices or moving their production lines to Mexico – Kipho offers a done-for-you solution to facilitate the process and reduce costs.

Kipho's Latest Updates

Discover our latest News and Updates.
Kipho Medical

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